Permission to make more than enough doing what you love, with all the freedom you could ask for?


Consider it granted. 

cg-about_05IF ALL YOU WANT IS…

To get paid doing work you love and working with energy fueling soulmate clients.



Have the freedom and funds to take that dream trip to the Caribbean or take the afternoon off and hit up hot yoga.



Feeling a bit unsure of yourself. Getting crazy overwhelmed with your business. And giving in to the Negative Nancy that hangs out in your head.

Hi there, I’m Cameo Gore, Intuitive Success Coach, and I collaborate with conscious entrepreneurs to embrace their spiritual gifts and make great money doing it.

As a former corporate exec with solid business background and a psychic and medium with razor-sharp intuition, I warmly and gently combine mindset, spiritual alignment and business strategy to help my clients create six and seven figure businesses doing what they love with soulmate clients. All with #heartoverhustle.  


Here’s the deal.

I believe everyone is born with a purpose they’re meant to fulfill.

And more than that? I believe you absolutely can and should turn that purpose into a profitable business.

How do I know? Because – yes!  – I’ve been there, done that and reaped the fulfilling rewards.

True story: Not long ago, I was working 60 hours a week in a thriving career making millions – for others.

Don’t get me wrong, I had it pretty good. I was a boss. 

And yet…Something was wrong.

I was overwhelmed, stretched way too thin and wrestling everyday with an underlying ‘inkling’ that I was meant to do something so much bigger.

Before long, as a girl who prides herself on her keen intuition, I finally decided to follow mine.

So what did I do?

I sauntered right on out of there and started my own business.

And in my 6th month, I made more in ONE MONTH than I had ever made in a month in corporate! 

I also literally manifested my amazing husband in 24 hours after stepping on a plane in Vegas and have helped manifest true love for over 70% of my clients.

So let’s just say life got REAL exciting after that!


Today, I know without a doubt that my purpose is helping conscious entrepreneurs like you connect to – and profit from – YOUR purpose.

Are you finally ready to do what my clients have already done? Like:

  • Book $20k+ months from their true passions with soulmate clients.
  • Launch programs that quickly fill with #heartoverhustle.
  • Create revenue streams aligned with who they really are as well as how they like to work.
  • Nab press and exclusive features in online magazines.
  • Step into massive freedom living a lifestyle they love.
  • Gain intuitive skills and confidence to command higher prices.

cg-about_29Neither my clients or I have had to change who we are, sacrifice our values or do anything that felt even remotely icky to make great money doing what we love.

All we had to do was start getting visible and doing what we were always meant to do…full on.

So no matter where you are in business – whether you’re just waking up to your spiritual gifts or already killing it – I would be honored help you start, build or grow your purpose-based business and get to the next level.

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Whether you’re just waking up to your spiritual gifts or already killing it, I can help you hit $10k months without changing who you are or how you roll. Interested in learning more?
Click here to start getting your gifts out there.

cg-about_03Cameo Gore’s Official Bio

Cameo Gore is the Lifestyle and Business Success Coach (and modern intuitive) that you need on your team if you’re a creative, conscious woman ready to make great money from your spiritual gifts on your terms.

A certified energy healer and business coach with 15 years experience making millions for others, Cameo both brings razor-sharp intuition and solid business acumen to the table to help her clients create thriving businesses with soul-driven business strategy and spiritual alignment.

When she’s not Skyping with clients or hosting beautiful retreats around the globe, you can find Cameo soaking up the sun on the beach, booking a midday massage, hiking on the trails or hanging with her husband and kids.

Learn more about building a business that makes bank from your natural gifts at



Palm Beach, FL

APRIL 25TH - 28TH, 2019