Tired of feeling like there’s never enough?

  • What if you never had to say, think or hear, “I can’t afford it” ever again?
  • What if sneaking a peek at your bank account made your heart explode with gratitude, instead of wince with fear?
  • What if you could truly transform your relationship with money forever?

Let’s take a quick peek inside your heart and mind…

Do you ever think stuff like:

  • “Ugh, I’d LOVE to go to that retreat but I just can’t afford it.”
  • “I could NEVER charge THAT for my services!”
  • “I really wish my business was making more so I could get that new program/desk chair/software.”
  • “OMG, I can’t raise my rates. What if nobody buys?!”

If so, I’ve got some fantastic news: I’m going to show you exactly how to permanently shift your reality to allow greater wealth to flow into your life.

Abundance. Wealth. Money. No matter what you call it – it CAN be yours, with the right mindset and spiritual alignment.



The Money Mindset Mastery Online Course



Hi, I’m Cameo Gore, a Lifestyle + Business Success Coach for conscious + creative entrepreneurs who want to make great money with their greatest gifts.



After working with hundreds of clients, I’ve identified three major reasons people don’t make the money they deserve:



They don’t believe it’s possible
Maybe you don’t truly believe you can create the kind of wealth you dream about. Or maybe you’ve never seen a rich person in real life, so you feel like there’s no way it could happen to you. Or heck, maybe you were taught that you can’t both be spiritual AND rich. The truth is, no matter WHAT negative “stuff” we think about money, every time we indulge in a crappy thought like this, we are literally pushing wealth away. 



They don’t have a vision for their money
Most people don’t know what they want or even how much they want to make. Unfortunately, if you don’t have a vision of what you truly desire, you can’t create it. It’s SO simple, yet SO easy to overlook. Money LOVES clarity!



They don’t understand the energetic laws of money
Money is energy, and there are a few “universal laws” money follows – that can either contract or expand how much money you receive. Adjust your energy and mindset around these laws and the floodgates can open.

True wealth comes from feeling abundant and prosperous internally first.

And THEN it manifests on the outside.

Or, as I like to say, inner expansion shows up in outer circumstances. Always.

Change the way you think about money and your money situation will change Guaranteed.


So tell me:

Do you want to become one of the “lucky” ones – the kind of person who sneezes and attracts money? The person who can comfortably afford everything they dream of, from necessities like soap to niceties like a stays in luxe hotels? And the person who charges what they deserve for their gifts, WITHOUT guilt?

Good news: With support and guidance from someone who “gets it,” you can totally erase your money blocks and immediately start calling in the abundance you deserve.

That’s what Money Mindset Mastery is ALL about.

Here’s The Lowdown on Money Mindset Mastery:

MMM is an online self paced course designed to totally reprogram your ‘money mindset’ so you can start magnetizing more money than you thought possible, in fun, easy and unexpected ways.

Over six actionable and value-packed modules, you’ll learn both the practical AND mindset practices I’ve used to create a six figure plus business. I’ve also tapped into and packaged up wealth wisdom from my husband, a true money wizard who manages wealth for Fortune 500 execs, so this is the real deal.

The Money Course will help you

GET CLARITY around your finances and the dream income and vision you have for your life
GET REAL about your current financial situation. No more sticking your “head in the sand’ or ‘crossing your fingers’ and hoping things work out.

GET UNBLOCKED as you identify the specific beliefs and stories holding you back from earning more – and erase them for good
And FINALLY GET CONFIDENT, let go of your worries and fears around money and
open yourself up to TRUE flow – where your creativity soars and opportunities effortlessly come your way

Trust me, if I can earn over $150,000 in business as a brand new entrepreneur and a busy wife + mom of 2 littles…. YOU CAN, TOO!


After making a name for myself as a top executive in Healthcare, I decided I was missing my calling! I knew that my true life purpose was helping others to create rich & fulfilling lives…. following their dreams!

Although I had reached the top of the ladder before I was 40…..deep down I felt in my heart something wasn’t right so I followed my heart and…. I quit my job! Within the first 6 months of launching my personal brand and coaching business, cameogore.com, I created six-figures……and in February of 2016 after applying the principles I am going to teach you here, I earned more in a month than I EVER did in corporate.

Here’s the thing, though:

I’m not different or special. I just know a thing or two about magnetizing money that many of us were never taught.

And this stuff doesn’t just work for me. I know there are a LOT of people out there teaching their own systems and blueprints and telling you that what worked for them will work for you, too.

But what I teach is UNIVERSAL. It’s not about me.

These same principles have worked for me, yes. But they’ve also worked for TONS of my 1:1 clients. It’s helped them amp up their income and change their “stories” around cash. It’s even helped a handful of them 10x their income in business in under 4 months. This stuff is THAT powerful.

That’s why I’m so confident and excited to share this information with you. You CAN use your energy to attract more money.

  • You’re a small biz owner who can’t seem to book enough clients or keep enough cash in the bank.
  • You’re an entrepreneur who is ready to hit the next level in your biz – $20k months can become your new normal.

Here’s a Lesson by Lesson Breakdown:

Define Your Dreams

During this module, you will:

  • Get crystal clear on what you really want and how money fits into the picture.
  • Learn how to stop denying your purpose.
  • Design your own “aligned” money blueprint.
Uncover Your Money Story

During this module, you will:

  • Uncover your true negative thoughts and beliefs around money and where they come from.
  • Understand how what you feel, think and say about money is affecting your bank balance big time.
Write Your New Money Story

During this module, you will:

  • Release your money fears and worries once and for all.
  • Reprogram your subconscious with new, positive beliefs about money.
  • Watch your money mindset – and balance – begin to transform.
Get to Know Your Money Honey!

During this module, you will:

  • Take a good hard look at your finances – we can’t heal what we can’t see.
  • Learn my secret (yet simple) hack for manifesting more money. PLUS a super fun tool that will make this a breeze.
Define Your Money Relationship

During this module, you will:

  • We’re going to really figure out how you actually feel about money AND how this is affecting you.
  • Learn how your relationship with money influences ALL your other relationships, including how raising your confidence can raise your balance like whoa AND help you book more clients who love to pay you!
Amp Up And Activate Your Money Magnetism

During this module, you will:

  • Get an insider’s look at my personal money practices, the ones I use daily in my six figure business.
  • Start to understand WHY you NEED and DESERVE to charge more for your gifts – and feel WAY more confident commanding higher prices.
  • Learn how to keep your vibe and bank balance up for the long haul so that what we learn becomes habit, not just a passing trend.

Mindset Money Master. Hurry up!


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The complete course includes: 


  • 6 Actionable Modules (value $1100)
  • 6 Video trainings (value $1200)
  • Bonuses: Exclusive video and worksheets (value $650)




Program price



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“I have become a health coach and added additional revenue stream to my fitness business”

Working with Cameo has made a significant impact on my life in the most positive way possible! My goals when we set out on this journey together were to have a better relationship with my husband and a successful fitness business. With Cameo’s guidance, my marriage is stronger and my fitness business is growing rapidly. Through our work together, I have discovered a passion for coaching and making more income.

Her tools have opened my eyes to understanding my power, that I am worthy and that I deserve to live the fullest life possible. Cameo Gore is a gift and I am grateful for her passion as a Success Coach.

Jess – Utah

“So far I have sold $12,000 in VIP programs and $15,000 in course

Simply put, Cameo is amazing. Taking action can be very scary and intimidating, but with Cameo’s very clear and loving guidance, things just seem easier.  I have had so many moments of clarity through my work with her. So far I have sold $12,000 in VIP programs and $15,000 in courses. I am forever grateful to her.  It’s a daunting thing to take this leap, but with Cameo’s unconditional and unwavering support, your goals are very attainable.

Heather – New Mexico

I created the money course because I’ve watched WAY too many clients, colleagues and #bizbesties stress out over money.

I have friends who don’t believe they deserve “nice” things – which can mean anything from red-bottom shoes to the slightly-more-expensive soap – and constantly dole out cash for cheap clothes, courses and contractors, only to spend more money in the end to fix things.

I have incredibly talented besties who can’t seem to book enough clients to create consistent income, despite blogging every week and putting out incredible-looking Facebook ads.

And I know many, many women who NEVER get past the point of making “just enough” in their business  


And basically? I don’t want you to be one of them. 

You are worthy of EVERYTHING you desire
Abundance is your divine birthright.


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As to your Qs

What’s included in each module?

Each module will include a video training with it’s corresponding worksheet.

How is this course delivered?

After payment you will be automatically enrolled in the course and shortly after will receive an email with you personal login information and access to the course site. Each module contains a video training accompanied by the worksheets for that specific module.

What if I’m not an entrepreneur?

No problem! You don’t have to be an entrepreneur to up level your money mindset and begin attracting more money now into your life! Many of my non-entrepreneur clients have used this course to create more money with great success!

What makes this different from other money courses out there?

Cameo has personally coached hundreds to align their energy and create a rich mindset that attracts abundance straight into hearts, bank accounts, and businesses. She is also an energy healer and intuitive coach which will help you quickly shift your vibration around money no matter where you are on the income scale. She has put together this course after studying millionaire mindset and lifestyles for after a decade (wealthy people actually do things differently to attract and keep abundance in their lives) AND after being married to a financial guru for over 10 years now who works with members of the FORBES 500 list.

Will this REALLY help me make more money?

Yes, if you apply the principles and follow the course materials and do the clearings you will receive new insights that will help you attract what you are most wanting (money) with a lot more ease! Clients have reported that they were able to manifest 5 figure (unexpected) checks in the mail, raises, and 3 new clients in a week after working this program clearing limiting blocks.

What’s this whole energy thing about? Don’t I need to see Cameo in person to do this?

This course has been packaged up to include all the information that you need to completely shift and transform your money. Cameo will be there to support you along the way through the modules and video trainigs, access to her via email and through her private Facebook group.

Do I have any direct access to Cameo?

You can reach out to her directly via email and you will have access to her private Facebook group where you can join group discussions and reach out to her.

Is there a guarantee?

Cameos stands behind this course as a value packed high-integrity course that delivers! It’s results are a combination of the work you put in, the intentions you set out and how you implement what you’ve learned.

If you have gone through all the modules, worksheets, and energy clearings and are not fully satisfied then you may email: stephanie@cameogore.com to discuss next steps.


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