“Cameo taught me how to manifest! Now I feel that there are unlimited possibilities”

She supported me on healing and letting go, then she helped me get really clear on what I want to offer and how to manifest clients – both energetically and physical world marketing tactics.

Now I feel confident that my business is aligned with my soul, and is growing at the perfect rate. I am so much happier now.

Mindy – Washington

“So far I have sold $12,000 in VIP programs and $15,000 in course”

Simply put, Cameo is amazing. Taking action can be very scary and intimidating, but with Cameo’s very clear and loving guidance, things just seem easier.  I have had so many moments of clarity through my work with her. So far I have sold $12,000 in VIP programs and $15,000 in courses. I am forever grateful to her.  It’s a daunting thing to take this leap, but with Cameo’s unconditional and unwavering support, your goals are very attainable.

Heather – New Mexico

I now have a profitable business and I’m closing in on a $5,000 month

I’ve gone from doing “the best I could” to being the BEST I can BE which changes everything! I’ve taken back my power, learned to discern the difference between actions and relationships that support me versus those that suck my time and energy. Thank you Cameo!

Stephanie – California

“I have become a health coach and added additional revenue stream to my fitness business”

Working with Cameo has made a significant impact on my life in the most positive way possible! My goals when we set out on this journey together were to have a better relationship with my husband and a successful fitness business. With Cameo’s guidance, my marriage is stronger and my fitness business is growing rapidly. Through our work together, I have discovered a passion for coaching and making more income.

Her tools have opened my eyes to understanding my power, that I am worthy and that I deserve to live the fullest life possible. Cameo Gore is a gift and I am grateful for her passion as a Success Coach.

Jess – Utah

I created an online workshop, gained attendees and was featured in an online magazine

I love how positive Cameo always is, even when I’m not. I always ended the call feeling better about myself and my direction, than I did before the call. I think the emphasis on receiving guidance was what will benefit me the most.

We discovered blocks I had to overcome before I could go forward. We did some meditations and found that I had a block about being seen by others and a fear of rejection. By doing affirmations, meditation, prayer, I have moved past those blocks.

Thank you Cameo for being patient with me and showing me that the only limits are those that I put on myself.

Wendy – California

“Cameo helped me to transform my life”

Every part of the experience was delightful. There was not a session that I did not benefit from. There were times that I would be anxious right before the meeting because I knew that we needed to explore areas that made me uncomfortable – but Cameo always helped me face these issues easily and at the end of the session I always felt clear about how to move forward.

I am so grateful for our time together. Cameo is truly gifted, she is incredible and I highly recommend working with her.

Elizabeth – Virginia

“I can co-create my reality! I can manifest anything I want!”

I can’t wait to tell you what happened with me last night.  My husband was in tears thanking me for the transformation I have undergone over the last few months.  He told me he is more in love with me now, and wants to make me happy now, more than ever, because of how I’ve changed. He said I am kinder and gentler and much easier to be around. He is excited about our future.  I was speechless.  All I could think (besides feeling incredible gratitude and love for what he was sharing) was that you are right! I am capable of changing my situation.

I was ready to walk out of my marriage in March.  Now look at where I am!!  What a difference six months has made. All of this is happening because of you, and what you are teaching me. You are a gift, Cameo.  I am forever grateful.

Patty – North Carolina

“I am amazed with what I have made happen for myself”

My coaching with Cameo has significantly changed many aspects of my life in a very short period of time. Since I have begun my coaching sessions I have a clearer vision of who I am and who I want to bring into my life. I now feel that I can focus and more forward in my life.

Valerie – Canada

“I gained personal and professional structure and created a new revenue stream for my business”

The most delightful part of the experience was sharing and reporting off my good news during our meetings. Cameo has significantly helped me understand the importance of being centered in order for my team to get to where I want them to be which has improved not just my business but my lifestyle.

Karen – Texas

“The world really is my oyster! …I do have a sense of calmness that I have never really experienced before in times of crisis”

After our session together I went to bed and slept for the first time in a couple of weeks. I woke up and something huge had shifted from the work we had done together. I started to feel more in control and even a little excited about the possibilities for my future.

It’s like, these things such as finances and supporting myself financially that seem a little scary in reality, aren’t really worrying me…I’m enjoying the trust and faith that I am being supported and that this has happened for my highest good, which I’m taking to mean that I will be supported in all areas, including money!

Jo – United Kingdom

“I’ve been able to shine brighter”

Cameo Gore is a mastermind. I met with her and within minutes she laser-focused in on my areas of weakness and was able to offer helpful and practical strategies for me to make a small shift but significant impact.

Cameo has since been a tremendous resource and support on my journey to creating a successful business and healthy intimate relationships, too.

Her knowledge and expertise in addition to her heart-centered approach and genuine interest in my well-being shines through in all that she says and does. Thank you, Cameo Gore, for being a ray of light and helping me shine my own light in the world.

Frannie – Ohio

“This has been an incredible journey”

The tools that Cameo has taught me have helped me so much. I was able to powerfully bring REAL love into my life and in less than a years time we are engaged and will be getting married in July! I am very grateful for her guidance.

Laney – California

“Cameo has helped my business grow in ways that would have taken me years to do on my own”

I was struggling with getting my business going and Cameo gave me the confidence to stick with my plan. She suggested little changes I could do to start making money! 

I just love Cameo! She has such a motivating way about her! She is super supportive but also keeps it real, pushing when you need to be pushed! For me, getting out of my comfort zone was HARD! But that’s where all the progress happens.

Kellie – North Carolina

“Cameo has this amazing ability to transform your business as well as your soul!”

The way that I was approaching my life and my job wasn’t working for me any longer. I wasn’t operating in my “zone of genius”. 

Since working with Cameo, it has been a long journey that took many different paths. There were many layers to peel back to get to my true self and feel into what really drives me. I finally began to listen to the messages I was receiving and to listen to my gut. 

I got to know myself better. I now have a greater understanding of what fulfills me, what makes me happy and how that happiness can be completely controlled through my own actions.

Cameo doesn’t answer your specific questions about your business – because only you have the answer. There is LOTS of work, but the sessions with Cameo keep the overwhelm at bay and keep me connected to the higher purpose.

Ashley – California

“I am so grateful to find a coach that speaks my language”

Cameo has helped me recognize and let go of old behaviors and beliefs that were keeping me small. She believed in my work and my abilities and that has has helped me break through barriers I hadn’t been able to move from.

Cameo understands my needs and my abilities and supported me where I was struggling. She is not afraid to shoot straight from the hip and at the same time is an amazing healer!!! I always feel lighter, brighter, clear and inspired after a session.

Kara – California

“During the time I was working with you, I completely rebirthed my self into a new me”

Cameo is amazing at knowing exactly what I needed in each session even before I knew what I needed. You kept me focused and on track during the calls. You helped me pinpoint exactly what I need to do and left me with clear action steps and along the way, you cleared any energy blocks that were holding me back.

I got clarity in where I want to go with my business and I healed my relationship with myself and therefore many of my relationships with others.

Jessica – Florida

“Cameo taught me that the way I want my life and myself to be is not in the future, it’s here now…. and that is how I must live to manifest the things that I want”

She was able to help me reach my goals by working with my mindset and allowing me to get out of my head and into my heart. I was able to have clarity around the direction that I wanted to take my life and my future business in. If you want to get on track to become financially free by doing what your SOUL is calling you to to, then call Cameo. If you’re not sure what your soul wants to do but you know it wants to do SOMETHING, then call Cameo!

Bianca – California



Palm Beach, FL

APRIL 25TH - 28TH, 2019