Dear beautiful soul:

You’re a wildly talented, make-it-happen kind of human. You’ve always had a not-so-little voice inside nudging you toward a purpose; a higher calling – and you’ve finally started to mold it into reality.

You’re ready to become a dynamic, stand-out leader in your industry. You’re ready to create a high-vibe tribe of soulmate clients who feel you. And you’re ready to make great money and a massive impact, your way.

So tell me. Right now:

Are you doing the work you love with clients who love you back?

Do you feel like you’re living out your purpose AND making a profit?

Are you actually changing lives and putting a nice chunk of change in your pocket?

If you’re shaking your head like, “Um, not really”:

You’re NOT the first talented, smart, gifted person who – despite their smarts, talents and gifts – can’t seem to get to that next level.

  • Can’t book the clients you crave… but has no trouble booking ones who don’t quite get or appreciate you.
  • Feels stuck and like you have no clue how to balance life and business.
  • Wants to reach their goals in a more soulful, less stressful way.
  • Feels overwhelmed by all the strategies out there for growing your biz bigger and brighter, from ‘sales funnels’ to ‘Facebook ads’.
  • Has even questioned whether you can actually do this – more than once!

The good news?

You don’t have to feel crazy overwhelmed by options or strangled by strategies.

You don’t have to keep waiting to “make it big.”

You don’t have to keep putting off your dream. Your soul’s very calling.

Instead, I can walk alongside you and help you figure out how to use your greatest gifts and make great money.


Are you ready to go from stuck to unstoppable…without losing your soul?

Hi there! In case we haven’t met yet, I’m Cameo Gore, Lifestyle + Business Success Coach, and I help conscious entrepreneurs tap into their spiritual gifts and make great money doing what they love and turn freedom and flexibility into their new normal.

After strutting out on a high-paying corporate job to follow the whispers of my soul’s calling, I now work with other conscious entrepreneurs to create businesses they love – with clients they love – on their terms.

I’m not big on one-size-fits-all “formulas,” but I’ve noticed one glaringly clear pattern while working with my clients to create their own purposeful and profitable businesses:

It takes more than good strategy to build a booming and meaningful biz.

If you don’t believe in yourself, or your ability to make money, or feel like you’re not doing EXACTLY what you’re meant to do on this planet in the way you KNOW you need to do it…


I call this purpose and using your spiritual gifts….and without this alignment things can get a little crazy.

Without this foundation, you’re going to feel like you’re never. quite. there.  

Business growth can feel simple and soulful. It can come from the heart, not just the hustle. And it can all happen faster than you imagine, with the right support, structure and guidance.

I know, because that’s how I run my business each and every day.

So if you:


  • Can’t hold onto clients (or attract the “good ones” to begin with.)
  • Can’t work out what steps you need to take to go from itty bitty to influential.
  • Question whether it’s really possible for you to bring home the bacon with your divine blessings.

And you want to:


  • Put yourself out there in a MUCH bigger way.
  • Become a standout leader in your space without giving up your soul.
  • Make more money, but on your terms.
  • Create a business you love filled with soulmate clients that’s 100% aligned with your purpose.

Plop down your latte and pay attention, because I’m about to tell you about something you’re really going to enjoy.



Align + Expand 1:1 VIP Coaching

Grow your business to multiple six figures doing the thing you love (for real this time)

My 1:1 VIP coaching is a six-month experience just for the awakened entrepreneur like you who wants personalized, customized coaching and strategy to make more money and connect with your soulmate clients and your deeper purpose.

This coaching process is one part soul excavation and one part strategy creation and implementation.

Meaning? We will make sure you’re taking the most focused, intentional and aligned actions for you to meet your unique business AND purpose-driven goals.

As an intuitive, energy healer and a corporate exec with 20 years experience actually building and running my own (and others) businesses, I have a ton of tools in my tool bag, and I know exactly which to whip out to help you build your business into a legacy-leaving empire from a strategic AND spiritual space.

When you work with me, we’re going to look at every part of your business AND your soul – from marketing to money blocks, self doubt to strategy.

We’re going to shine a light on where and how you’re getting in your own way and deal with whatever unique challenges crop up for you along the way.

And the sweetest part of the whole deal? You’ll have a guide by your side every step of the way – somebody who has been there, done that and bought the #heartoverhustle mug.

Yes – throughout the entire process, I’ll be there to guide you like a mentor, support you like a best friend and keep you accountable like a true coach so you can serve more of the dreamiest people and make more money from your soul’s calling.

Together, we can:


  • Create a soulful strategy for growing your biz that will keep your heart and bank account happy.
  • Get you into alignment and make sure you’re taking actions that keep you there.
  • Choose the right tools, systems and strategies for your business, your personality and your vision.
  • Map out daily, weekly and monthly business goals that support your vision so that you actually get them done.
  • Expand your intuition and unlock creative powers you probably didn’t even know you had.
  • Bang out a business message that’s in total alignment with who you are, so you feel free to show up as your authentic self every single day.
  • Eliminate the negative beliefs and blocks holding you back from becoming an even more powerful and profitable entrepreneur for good!

My past clients have

  • Immediately locked in $5k+ months from their true passions.
  • Created new revenue streams aligned with who they really are.
  • Booked $12k in VIP Days and $15k in courses.
  • Nabbed press and features in online magazines.

Not to mention:


  • Gained confidence to command higher prices for services and products.
  • Grown their businesses YEARS faster than they would’ve alone.
  • Feel more calm, centered and like (and I quote) “the world is [my] oyster.”
  • 70% have even attracted soulmate love!
I wholeheartedly believe in every single client I take on. And I promise you that if it’s a just-perfect-fit, we can take you from confused to confident and unsure to unstoppable.

Are you ready?


Want to know exactly what you’ll receive?


Initial 90 Minute VIP Intensive

16 Subsequent Strategy Sessions 

60 minute VIP Energy Healing Session

+ Email Support 

+ Special Bonuses

In short? Because I grew my own coaching business to six figures in under six months using the exact principles I pass onto my clients.

Not too long ago, I was working 60 hours a week making millions for other people. But while my pockets were full, my soul was not, and I know how much it sucks to be in that place.

Today, I get to do what I love, with people I adore, and support myself and my family financially in a way I never imagined I could without sitting on top of the corporate ladder.

In February 2015, I made more money in one month in my own business than I had made in a single month, so there’s that!

But I don’t just have the actual business acumen and smarts to help you with marketing, sales and other systems and tools.

I’m also a trained energy healer and intuitive, which means I know how to support you and connect with you on a whole other level.

This unique duo of skills makes me doubly qualified to work with you on everything from marketing to your mindset.

And the results?

Well, I’ll let my incredible clients) speak for themselves…

I created an online workshop, gained attendees and was featured in an online magazine

I love how positive Cameo always is, even when I’m not. I always ended the call feeling better about myself and my direction, than I did before the call. I think the emphasis on receiving guidance was what will benefit me the most.

We discovered blocks I had to overcome before I could go forward. We did some meditations and found that I had a block about being seen by others and a fear of rejection. By doing affirmations, meditation, prayer, I have moved past those blocks.

Thank you Cameo for being patient with me and showing me that the only limits are those that I put on myself.

Wendy – California

“So far I have sold $12,000 in VIP programs and $15,000 in course

Simply put, Cameo is amazing. Taking action can be very scary and intimidating, but with Cameo’s very clear and loving guidance, things just seem easier.  I have had so many moments of clarity through my work with her. So far I have sold $12,000 in VIP programs and $15,000 in courses. I am forever grateful to her.  It’s a daunting thing to take this leap, but with Cameo’s unconditional and unwavering support, your goals are very attainable.

Heather – New Mexico

I now have a profitable business and I’m closing in on a $5,000 month

I’ve gone from doing “the best I could” to being the BEST I can BE which changes everything! I’ve taken back my power, learned to discern the difference between actions and relationships that support me versus those that suck my time and energy. Thank you Cameo!

Stephanie – California

“I gained personal and professional structure and created a new revenue stream for my business”

The most delightful part of the experience was sharing and reporting off my good news during our meetings. Cameo has significantly helped me understand the importance of being centered in order for my team to get to where I want them to be which has improved not just my business but my lifestyle.

Karen – Texas

“Cameo has helped my business grow in ways that would have taken me years to do on my own”

I was struggling with getting my business going and Cameo gave me the confidence to stick with my plan. She suggested little changes I could do to start making money! 

I just love Cameo! She has such a motivating way about her! She is super supportive but also keeps it real, pushing when you need to be pushed! For me, getting out of my comfort zone was HARD! But that’s where all the progress happens.

Kellie – North Carolina

If you’re here and reading this, I believe it’s your time to step up and I believe you know it, too.

In fact, right now might be your first chance to really tap into your intuition and make a decision about your business and your life from a fully aligned place.

You don’t have to go it alone anymore.

And I’m ready to help.



“Forget all the reasons why it won’t work and believe the one reason why it will.” – Unknown



Is this right for me?

If you’re ready to fully live your purpose and create a freedom-based business and life, then yes. If you’re ready for major transformation and willing to give up old stories to open up your inner light, then yes. And if you’re ready to finally make great money from your great gifts, then heck to the yes, this IS for you.

I’m interested! What’s the next step?

Awesome! Apply for your Breakthrough Session right here and let’s get to know each other better.


Unfortunately, I know not everyone who feels the tug of “something greater”.

It takes major commitment, conviction and a deep-seated purpose that outweighs your fear.

But you aren’t everyone.

You’re someone.

And I’m here to help you show the world who that someone is.

All you have to do is apply and we’ll find out if I’m the right coach for you.







© 2015-2016 Cameo Gore | Created by Nenne Akpan | Photos by Amanda Julca